Thursday, April 14, 2011

News Alert: Children Still Love Dinosaurs!

Juuuuust in case you'd forgotten how much kids love dinosaurs, I've got a couple videos that should jog your memory.

First, one of those incredible Walking With Dinosaurs live show puppets makes some kids go bananas.

Thanks to Phil Plait for sharing this, and @earthwards for tweeting it in my general direction.

Next up, a video from the third graders of John Riggio School in Stockton, California to promote their play "The Dinosaur Reunion." If you're in the Stockton area and would like to catch it, you'd better be quick, as today is the production's last performance. Though I'd bet that tickets have been selling well enough to justify a return engagement.

"I'm dense, man!" Let's make this go viral. 33 views when I found it. How high can we make it go?

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  1. We had a 'Dinosaur Petting Zoo' down here recently. Done by these guys:

    The kids were all "Ooooh! and "Ahhh" when it was the Leaellynasaura. Then the Polar Tyrannosaur came out and then there was the running and the screaming.


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