Monday, January 3, 2011

The Worlds Largest Dinosaurs Coming to the AMNH

The American Museum of Natural History has announced a new exhibition coming in April called "The World's Largest Dinosaurs." Sauropod fans (and who isn't one, really) will be able to get their fill of what are arguably the most remarkable land vertebrates of all time.

As reported by Broadway World, the exhibit's centerpiece will be "a life-sized, detailed model of a 60-foot Mamenchisaurus-will take visitors inside these giants' bodies, shedding light on how heart rate, respiration, metabolism, and reproduction are linked to size."

Despite being one of the most iconic dynasties of dinosaur-kind, sauropods are also one of the most misunderstood by the public, who know them as long-necked veggiesauruses but probably haven't had much chance to really explore the fascinating suite of adaptations that allowed them to achieve such great proportions and thrive. Hopefully this will open more eyes to just how outrageously, incredibly cool these animals were. To sign up for email alerts about the exhibition, head here.

The AMNH Youtube channel recently featured a look inside the museum's "Big Bone Room" with paleontology collections manager Carl Mehling, included here for your convenience.

Also available is a 50 minute talk with Novacek and Norell about their research and adventures from last May, which I somehow missed the first time around, but I'll remedy it just as soon as I can.

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