Friday, January 28, 2011

Boneyard 2.6: Time to Submit!

The Boneyard Blog Carnival

The sixth installment of Boneyard's second life will shortly be upon us, with the hirsute and charming Kevin Zelnio hosting at Deep Sea News on Tuesday, February 1.

If you've written about paleontology on your blog, whether this month or last year, share your knowledge with the world's only paleontology-themed blog carnival. And no, it's doesn't have to deal with dinosaurs! All long-lost critters, beasts, and creepy-crawlies are welcome. Email submissions to boneyardblogcarnival(at)gmail(dot)com. Get 'em in by Monday night.

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  1. So soon! I have something almost ready, so I'll try to get it up before Tuesday. If not, I'll look in the archives.


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