Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: High-Kickin' Allosaurus

Mosozoic Spread
Here's a two-page spread from a 1979 Scholastic book called the First Picture Encyclopedia. It's a pretty sweet piece, complete with a gaggle of erupting volcanos, anachronistic fauna, Rudolf Zallinger-inspired Stegosaurus, and one heck of a high-kickin' Allosaurus, which I find particularly amusing. Not only would it be a crazy way for a big theropod to attack its prey, the stance looks pretty implausible.

The book credits four illustrators: Roy Coombs, Cliff Meadway, Mike Atkinson, and Graham Allen, with Coombs' name most prominent. None of them are particularly visible on the web. Mr. Atkinson has a website, but the style doesn't quite match what we see here.


  1. When I see that Allosaurus I get the can-can music stuck in my head.

  2. He's just one more foot-off-the-ground away from this guy. Look how much more effective it is!

  3. HOLY CRAP! He's doing the Godzilla tail-kick from Godzilla vs. Megalon!!! Makes me so happy.


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