Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gigantoraptor Zoid and the Dinobots

I have no clue what a Zoid is, and I'm too pressed for time to look it up on Wikipedia. Whatever the point of zoiding is, Gigantoraptor is a great beast to zoid.

08-05-26 g 08
Image by rogerhuihk, via flickr

Sort of looks like them old Transformers toys that got made into a couple Michael Bay movies. Of course, the Transformers had their own robotic dinosaurs, cleverly called the Dinobots. A couple of nutty Autobots had the brilliant idea to make some fightin' dinosaur comrades, but make them incredibly stupid. I could try to unravel their convoluted history or let you figure it out for yourself.


  1. Haha. Funny. More than meets the eye.

  2. Followed this link from the Whalen post. Zoids are cool, they're a Japanese toy line of dinosaurs and animals that began in the 80s that you put together and had wind up or battery powered motion.

    They later got their own TV show, but they've been rolled out several times in the US throughout the last 20 years with new batches of beasties, but I think Japan has them as a standing toy line.

    Here's a few commercials from back in the day:

    Rebranded as "Robotsrux" for a time in the US...

    But of course, the Japan has all the coolest stuff...


  3. Awesome! I wonder if the Gigantoraptor above is motorized...


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