Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr. Dinosaur

Michael May's Adventureblog is a consistently rewarding blog about movies, comics, and all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy goodness. Well written, too. He sends a fair amount of folks this way, so I figured it's high time I thanked him out loud.

I also need to thank him for tipping me off to Dr. Dinosaur. I don't know how I missed this the first time around. The good doctor, who may not be as much of a genius as he claims, appears to be a naked (i.e. unfeathered) Deinonychus. Dr. Dinosaur was introduced in an Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day exclusive, and May reports that he's back for more.
I really love this mini: hilarious trash-talking between the two adversaries, with some very funny humor steeped in the pseudosciences. When Dr. Dinosaur claims that he time traveled via the power of crystals, I was downright delighted. Crystals. Freaking crystals.


  1. Bahah that's a great comic. I never thought about including cosmic movement in time travel... I think I need to revise my machine. :p

  2. It's funny, I keep seeing that pop up after having it dawn on me recently... I take time travel stories even less seriously than I did before! Although I'm still heavy into Lost.

  3. It's Dr. Ree!

  4. Rich, thanks for bringing Trek fiction to LITC. It's been a real problem. I'm really intrigued by the mess hall scenes, when Dr. Ree snarfs down raw meat in the presence of the other crew members.

  5. Davor: just wait until you see who Dr. Ree bites next! ;-) Which Titan books have you read up to? I finished Over a Torrent Sea not too long ago. It's a pleasant surprise to meet other readers of Trek lit.

  6. Well... maybe not so pleasant a surprise. I haven't read any Trek lit, I'm afraid. I do enjoy TNG quite a bit, but that's just about the extent of my Trek knowledge. But I do heartily welcome any Trekkish information that can be brought to the proceedings here, for sure! Keeping tabs on where dinos pop up in the culture is far too mig a job for one man...


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