Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Into Action!

It's almost Halloween, and someone needs our help. Anyone with a high level of skill working with textiles, I beseech thee: help this woman! "I am seeking, she says, "a Dinosaur costume (triceratops!)that is a dress with a tail and preferrably lil claw mittens."

What's more, her friend needs help, too! One person can't fix the economy. Or settle this darned American health care debate. But one person does have the power to make this halloween the very specialest for one, dare I say both, of these women.

If either of these fine ladies happens to bop on over to this humble blog, a couple words of advice, if I might be so bold. How about something a little less vanilla? How about the spiked sauropod Amargasaurus? An azhdarchid pterosaur? Oviraptor? A colorful, feather-adorned dromaeosaur? A downy baby tyrannosaur? Parasaurolophus with actual honking crest? Becrowned Styracosaurus? Imagination ladies! Halloween comes around one precious day each year!

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