Friday, September 25, 2009

Carnotaurus by Sideshow

Carnotaurus Maquette

Carnotaurus Maquette

Carnotaurus Maquette

From Sideshow:
Over 60 million years ago, the once-lush jungles of what would later be known as Patagonia have withered, the dry ground cracked and thirsty. Food has become scarce for the prehistoric beings that roam these lands, and as the day comes to a close, the Carnotaurus has yet to find sustenance. With the sun setting, the young bull becomes agitated and wrestles in his hunt.

This dynamic maquette captures the grace and power of this ancient animal of the Cretaceous Period. Designed with the insight of renowned paleoartists, each piece is cast in high-quality polystone, hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards.
I can't really even imagine dropping almost two hundred dollars for something like this right now. First in line would be the Vasque Sundowners I've been eyeing for a while. But if four hundred dollars was handed to me, with the stipulation is must be spent on fun stuff, well, you'd soon find me wearing some fine hiking boots and figuring out where to place my new carnotaurus maquette. Sick.

Hat tip to the Dinosaur Toy Blog! Go there to see some fantastic close up photos, which show incredible detail.

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