Friday, September 4, 2009

Dinosaur Train

Here's something called a "sizzle reel" for a new PBS kids show called "Dinosaur Train."

Sure, maybe we can't say for sure that corythosaurs used their crests to communicate, though it's very reasonable to assume so. But you can't make a kid's show and qualify every single statement with disclaimers. And heck, when I was a kid everything I read or watched about dinosaurs stated conjectures as facts. The important part: it's a really nice looking show that has a good chance of getting tykes hooked on science. And stating a theory like that of the corythosaur's crests plants a seed that gets kids thinking about evolutionary adaptations. The song at the end of the clip is pretty shrill, but I do like how the theme song harkens back to the train songs that made up such a substantial portion of early rock and roll. Nice touch. Some of the folks here have good taste.

Also on the kid's entertainment front: They Might Be Giants is back with a new album and DVD for kids called Here Comes Science. It includes a tune called "I'm a Paleontologist." As an old school TMBG fan, I wouldn't count it among their golden classics, but what the heck. Good on 'em for writing it. Kids should dig it heartily. Read about it at Dinosaur Tracking.

Have a hell of a weekend. Now. Go.

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