Monday, January 26, 2015

New Valentine Design!

Well, Cupid is getting ready to step up to the plate, so best to start thinking about how you're going to tell twelve people - or any other multiple of twelve - how much they mean to you. To that end I've drawn a valentine with a dinosaur on it, based on a great little one-liner thought up by my life partner, spouse, and BFF, Jennie.

but what about that odd multiples of twelve bit up above? Well, you can actually purchase this card with three other designs - by Randall Munroe, Zach Weinersmith, and Rosemary Mosco no less - in a set of twelve. So whether the objects of your affection fancy planetary physics, entomology, parasitology, or palaeontology, you are covered. Pick 'em up from the XKCD store!


  1. Well, Mr Orr, you might as well put away your pencils and pixels right now. You're in a packet with Randall and Zach and Rosemary! What else is there left to achieve in this particular field of endeavour?

    Seriously, congratulations. I think it would be perfectly acceptable if you experienced a small nerdgasm when this came together.

    The cards complement each other nicely.

    1. I'm such a stoic badass, I ain't got no time for gasms of the nerdy persuasion or otherwise. ;)

      But really, thanks, Mark! It was definitely a surreal thing when it came together.

  2. I know it's been a while, but are these still being sold? The store links are broken. I was thinking of recommending these for a friend's wedding.

  3. They were taken down after V-day. I'm checking on how many might be left over.


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