Saturday, January 3, 2015

A redesign for 2015

With a new year comes a new design for LITC, keeping up with our roughly two year schedule for such things. I decided to go in a pop art direction this time around, after playing with different treatments, all centered around the new logo design. That logo, as revealed a few weeks back, is a sort of "back-to-basics" approach which places a big-headed chasmosaurine in a heart. When working on the header, I liked the idea of using multi-colored, comics-inspired panels and it worked nicely with a cropped detail of our new chasmosaur mascot. If you're reading this on a feed reader, hop on over to the blog site itself to see the design in its bright and shiny glory.

As announced last month, I've finally made some blog-specific merchandise featuring the new logo, available in pink and black or in all white. Both versions are available on a wide variety of products, from garments to mugs to device skins and cases. All proceeds from these items will go to support our activities: purchasing books, visiting museums, and possible future web-hosting related costs.

A beautiful LITC mug! I swear, that's what it is, even though the handle isn't visible.

A snazzy LITC shirt!

Thanks for all of the support you've given us over the first five years of LITC, and here's looking forward to many more!


  1. Aaaargh! My eyes!!

    happy new year :)

  2. Turquoise and magenta - lovely! I prob would have pushed the magenta out to somewhere between byzantine and electric purple to make room for saffron instead of yellow but that wouldn't have been as faithful to comic book pop art.

    Coincidentally, I've just finished bingeing on S1 of Danger 5 in preparation for watching the first ep of S2. I mention this apparent non sequitur because S1 is set in the 1960s and takes its inspiration from pulp magazines and TV shows of the time, and because there are weaponised dinosaurs created by Nazis. (I know, how could I not watch?).

    Anyway, love what you've done with the place, David.

    Wishing a Perspicacious Perihelion for yesterday to all LITC staff and readers.

    1. You leave the best comments, Mr. Mark R.

    2. And you leave the nicest, Mr Niroot P. You can't possibly be as polite in real life. ;-)


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