Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Triceratops isn't going anywhere'

I did have a legitimate inspiration for this latest piece of silliness.

I have a distinct recollection of the 'Triceratops didn't exist' issue re-surfacing very recently, chiefly on Twitter, but now that I try to go back to look for it in order to lessen the vacuity of this post, I am unable to find any mention of the thing. Perhaps I dreamt it after all. The drawing did seem to have been happily met with when I shared it, however.

That matter aside, perhaps it is entertaining enough to be left to the viewer's own interpretation, regardless of context. It also happens to fit in with the series of spleen-venting saurians I began a little while back, or Dinosaurs Attack: Classy Edition, as Marc has it. So there we are.



  1. http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/08/03/triceratops-never-actually-existed-scientists-say/

    1. Sigh.

      I'm unsure whether a point is being missed here or not, but such articles are precisely the target of this and deserves a thorough goring by a Triceratops. Tiffany Turrill said it best, I think.

  2. Long live Triceratops!!



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