Monday, July 1, 2013

Dinosaurs in the Bible

While preparing this week's Vintage Dinosaur Art post, I was struck by how the illustrations were reminiscent of those in a certain other book that I'd owned as a child. A book that I hadn't seen for a long time, but was sure that I still had stashed away in a dark corner of my wardrobe. Eventually, it dawned on was an illustrated Bible that I'd been given for my christening in 1988.

Hang on - didn't that Bible have dinosaurs in it? I just had to go and check it out - and oh yes, it has dinosaurs all right.

Well, OK, it has a Burianesque amphibious brachiosaur, sharing its habitat with a black marine reptile thingy and some pterosaurs (one of which is unmistakably Pteranodon). They pop up while the book's main character, a sort of all-powerful supernatural lunatic, is poofing things into existence as is his wont. There's no mention of them anywhere in the text (excepting birds, obviously), which is essentially a light simplification of the King James version (this isn't an attempt to lure in the kids by some Ken Ham-alike).

Furthermore, this is the only appearance made by any prehistoric animals in the entire book; there are no banana-munching tyrannosaurs gambolling in the Garden of Eden, nor any distressed-looking Triceratops being swept up in the swirling waters of a global flood. Nor, indeed, are the angels depicted as pterosaurs, although they should have been. And that's what's wonderful about these beasties - they're here apropos of nothing.

I should probably get back to that other book, though. See you later in the week!


  1. Oh wow, I remember that Bible! Eve was pretty hot. (Also blonde, which is weird.)

    1. You sure? That seems to be her on the bottom of the page and she looks brunette to me.

    2. The illustrations are not consistent -- I'm thinking of her full-page portrait.

      Also, in that one she's still white, which is also weird.

    3. Don't want to get all racial-profiling on ya, but traditional depictions of Jesus and his mother also don't look like what you'd expect based on their ethnic heritage. I guess Christians feel more comfortable committing idolatry when they're bowing down to graven images of West European-looking deities.

    4. Well, West Europeans aren't the only ones who do this. 21 Jump Street has a pretty funny scene with Korean Jesus.

  2. Wow I had this bible as a kid! And that was my favorite page, cause of the animals and cause Genesis 'explained' where everything came from. And then I grew up and started going to college for Biology, lol.


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