Thursday, July 11, 2013

A tyrannosaur on Shanklin sands

After the visit to Blackgang and its monstrous 'dino-eyesores' which Marc wrote about in the last post, Marc and I headed on to Shanklin Chine, whose beauty almost deserves a post of its own here, if for no other reason than that the gorge could easily serve as a Mesozoic backdrop.

 The real purpose of this post, however, slight as it is, is this.

Beyond the chine, the sands of Shanklin beach with its towering cliff face proved an irresistible impromptu canvas.

Accounting for some distortion in the photographs (ahem) and the fact that, well, it's a sand drawing completed in about five minutes, I hope readers will not upbraid the resulting shortcomings too strongly. I do have one peeve of my own, however, in that it looked much better without the dermal spines. I regretted adding those about halfway through, by which time, there was no turning back.

In hindsight, I do wonder why I hadn't instinctively drawn a sauropod or a hadrosaur. Perhaps it was out of deference to the company...

I was a little late in capturing Marc's tyrannosaur pose, two fingered hands and all.

I close with another gratuitous picture from the gorge. It's just too wonderful not to.



  1. This is sooo going in my blog. Don't change, guys, you're great.

  2. This is awesome. I'm curious though, is there evidence for the lips you've drawn it with, or is that artistic preference?

    1. Thank you, Matthew. It's chiefly my own preference, inspired by extant squamates. Though I have been known to alternate between lips and without.


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