Friday, June 7, 2013

The Meanest Landlord in the History of the World

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis should be well-known to long-time readers of this blog. It really is a standout as a science outreach organization in the midwest, and is a necessary regional antidote to the corrupting influence of a certain Kentucky "museum" which shall not be named. It's also another museum embracing YouTube to reach the public, with their weekly "This Week's WOW" features as well as charming little pieces like this one, in which children offer their own descriptions of dinosaurs.

I love the idea of Tyrannosaurus rex as a particularly awful landlord.


  1. I just took my son there for the first time last weekend. I'm an Indianapolis Resident, the Dinosaur exhibit is spectacular. At 1 year old he was too young to appreciate it, but nonetheless this museum continues to impress.


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