Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mesozoic Miscellany 60

Round-up time, and I've decided to resurrect the old format, which I hope will please everyone.


Sincere condolences to the friends and family of paleontologist Derek Main, who researched and publicized the Arlington Archosaur Site in Texas. This UT Arlington article about his work expresses his enthusiasm for his field nicely.

Three Triceratops individuals are currently being excavated by Peter Larson and crew in Wyoming. Read more from Will Baird at the Dragon's Tales, CNN (with video), and Discover D-Brief.

The chompers of spinosaurs were the subject of recent research, and Brian Switek at Laelaps explains why they needn't be thought of as merely mimicking crocodilians.

Around the Dinoblogosphere

Matt Martyniuk has written a post addressing the butt-ugliness of so many CG feathered theropods that is brilliant in its insight.

The Holliday Lab blog gives a quick rundown of the dietary diversity among theropods.

The International Symposium on Pterosaurs just happened in Rio. Darren Naish writes about the conference and Jaime Headden shares some posters he was regrettably not able to present (with spirited debate in the comments).

And speaking of pterosaurs, check out Natee's charmingly incompetent cookie delivery Pteranodon if you haven't already.

And speaking of baked goods, Lee made Ashley something yummy. In order to bake an apple pie with dinosaurs on it from scratch, you must first invent...

If you're a fan of our Vintage Dinosaur Art posts and are not reading Trish Arnold's blog, time to shape up. She continues her occasional Let's Read posts with the Prehistoric World series, including the horned dinosaurs (you know, Ceratosaurus and kin).

Fun in the field: Victoria Arbour wrote about her field work at Dinosaur Provincial Park at Pseudoplocephalus. Anthony Maltese at the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center blog shows progress on prep of a Platecarpus skull discovered by a visiting group of University of Tennesseee students in 2011. Brian Switek is in the field in Utah; follow the hashtag #jurassicutah for his dispatches.

Paleoart Pick

I'm in a pterosaur mood, so here's Azdarcho lancicollis by the great Andrey Atuchin.

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence

I got into Fringe a few months back, and it has been the perfect balm for a long-time X-Files and Lost fan still smarting from the many stupid decisions those shows made. Heart-tugging, mind-bending sci-fi. If you've never seen it, all I can say is prepare to be profoundly affected by a late-night phone call from a janitor...


  1. Good to see the return of the old format!

  2. Thanks for the roundup, David. Always handy in case I missed something of interest.

    Glad you're enjoying Fringe. I found that the writing, acting, and production values were of a consistently high standard throughout the series, with only a few eps not making the grade (always non-main story arc). I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I was a Lost tragic, too, although I drifted away for about ten eps in S2 because I really disliked the character of Ana-Lucia Cortez (I'm not a fan of Michelle Rodriguez either). Also - Paulo and his annoying gf - wth?

  3. "you must first invent..."

    Invent what? ;)

    BTW, I too am glad to see the return of the old format.


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