Thursday, November 8, 2012

Archosaurs and Automata: An Artistic Exposition

A mechanical Euparkeria graces this Archosaurs and Automata advert by Scott Elyard.

With only four days to go in their Indiegogo funding campaign, artists Raven Amos and Scott Elyard could use a boost from fans of paleoart. The funding drive will help Scott and Raven with expenses incurred in mounting and travelling to their upcoming art show, Archosaurs and Automata. You may remember their previous art show, Dinosaurs and Robots, which garnered some great coverage online, including this piece from Boing Boing. If a bunch of people each donate a little cash, this could easily be funded, and it shall be a rousing victory for the great paleoart revolution. Check out Scott's video below, then head over to Indiegogo to help out!

The cool thing is that no matter how little you contribute, you get a perk. Even at the five dollar level, you get a set of postcards bearing artwork from the show, great for sending to dinosaur fans in your life, or even hanging around your cubicle to impress your coworkers. Of course, if you've got the means to contribute a bit more, the prizes get even cooler, including shirts, prints, and even original art.

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