Saturday, November 3, 2012

Amargasaurus, a poem

So... I found a bunch of very old stuff I wrote in a journal. Stuff I'd completely forgotten about, that gives me this strange look at a me I don't totally remember being. It's messing with my head.


During this excavation, I discovered a poem I wrote about Amargasaurus. No claim to quality, mind you. Just a novelty.

Amargasaurus, spiney-fair
My darling sauropod
May a peace descend upon
Your stormy bowels
Clippings of leaf and twig
Nipped by peg-like teeth
Now brewing hot
Now bubbling joyous
An Argentinian most Cretaceous
An elegant Diplodocid
Modest in proportion
Splendid in adornment

Weird. I clearly come from the Lt. Cmdr. Data school of poetical composition.


  1. I think the next time a family member has a tummy flu, I shall say to them, "May a peace descend upon your stormy bowels." :)


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