Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Super Vintage Dinosaur Art Funtime Bonus Content

Yesterday, Mark Robinson commented that I'd missed one of the funniest illustrations in the Pocket Book of Dinosaurs - what he called the "'roid Iguanodon". Subsequently, Niroot requested that I scan it. So here it is. (Also, I felt the sudden urge to publish a blog post with a silly title.)

It didn't scan too well, alas, but I think one can still see what Mark was getting at. Looks like a terrible attempt at imitating Neave Parker...


  1. We mustn't forget the 'Schwarzenneguanodon' moniker you gave it.

    I wonder if Iguanodon might make the shortlist of the dinosaurs to have undergone the most drastic changes in terms of restoration.

    Thank you for the bonus!

    1. Iguanodon is THE classic example of that - from Crystal Palace stocky quadruped to lizardy upright tail-dragger to the comparatively svelte quadruped of today.

  2. Thanks for being a sport, Marc! (Sport as in knockabout good fellow as opposed to mutant).

    There is just so much wrong with that. The neck, the head (eyes, mandible, snout, everything else), the neck, the arms and hands, the belly, the neck, the legs, the way it appears to be supporting most of its weight on its sideways twisted tail, and did I mention the neck?

    What was it about Neave Parker's Ig and Meg that caused them to be copied so widely and for so long? I guess they were kinda visceral.

    @Christina - nice.


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