Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The dinosaur grabs two cars and a bucket of fail

When visiting secondhand stores and browsing for dinosaur books, I buy less than I find. Often, books just aren't interesting enough to bother with. On a recent trip to a Goodwill store, I found a book that may have originally come with a Hot Wheels race track, filled as it was with Hot Wheels cars being victimized in various ways by prehistoric beasts. We often note that we don't blame illustrators for dinosaur art that is less than accurate. They're being paid to do a job, and probably don't have the luxury of fussing over details and corresponding with paleontologists. This book was the perfect example; whoever wrote it couldn't even be bothered to distinguish the animals from each other, calling each one "dinosaur." Which lead to this unfortunate page of fail.

The "dinosaur" grabs two cars

Beyond the fact that it's sadly called a dinosaur, there's so much wrong here. The bizarre crest! The teeth! The outlandishly exaggerated scale! The gross wingy tendony things! The rest of the book couldn't quite match this level of doublefacepalmitude, but I had to snap a quick photo of this one.

Got to admit though, the dinosaur-themed Hot Wheels tracks look more fun than a barrel of anurognathids.

Beat that!


  1. Indeed, I pass up a lot of books that are just garbage like this one. I flip through and take pictures of things that catch my eye, but it's not often I do that even. I have a couple of pics from a recent cheap coloring book that are confoundingly atrocious. I'll have to post them soon so you can get a laugh at them.

  2. I'm confused, are they trying to say that a shark is a dinosaur?

  3. Cars *and* dinos! So much win. Oh, to be 12 again.

    Pterry's missing his tail, too.

  4. Well, that's weird. I seriously doubt, though, that anything could be "more fun" than a barrel of anurognathids. But if you'd like to exchange your barrel of anurognathids for a plastic toy car set, I'm always ready.

  5. I always had a major problem with ill-rendered and ill-made pterosaurs. That horn sticking out of the back of its head? Seriously?!

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