Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mesozoic Miscellany 48

High time for another roundup, methinks. Just finished my first semester of studenthood in seven years, and the weeks since the last Mesozoic Miscellany have been packed with rushing to finish up my coursework. It's done now. Mostly. Of course, the paleontology world didn't do me the courtesy of holding back the good stuff while I was engaged in all of this nonsense.

Dave Hone, Darren Naish, and Innes Cuthill have a new paper released on-line via the journal Lethaia. It explores the possibility of mutual sexual selection in dinosaurs. Hone wrote about it today at Archosaur Musings, and Marc did the same here at LITC.

At Tetrapod Zoology, the aforementioned Naish got his 'pod on with a review of Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs: Understanding the Life of Giants, a product of the big research consortium which recently put out an overview of sauropod evolution, freely accessible.

Spinops sternbergorum, a new ceratopsian named from fossils discovered a century ago, has recieved coverage at Paleoexhibit (including a new Nobu Tamura illustration), Saurian, Secrets of the Horned Dinosaurs, Green Tea and Velociraptors, and Dinosaur Tracking. Naturally, as this was a description by Andy Farke, he wrote about it at the Open-Source Paleontologist. And the cheeky monkeys at Gawker had a laugh over it, which Andy was quite tickled by.

Doodle of Boredom is really worth a subscription, BTW. Best dinosaur-Titanic mash-up I've ever seen.

At Pseudoplocephalus, Victoria Arbour shared photos from a very chilly tyrannosaur capture.

The Sideshow Collectibles Apatosaurus is a beauty, and Matt Wedel did us the service of providing a seven-part review. Here's the final, with links to the entire series.

There's "only one place to go to see a hill full of dinosaur bones." Dan Chure writes about the history of tourism at Dinosaur National Monument.

Brian Engh has returned to the Dinosaurs Reanimated blog with a little update about how the project is coming along.

At his blog Green Tea and Velociraptors, Jon Tennant provides a great overview of fossil preservation.

Stu Pond checked out a bunch of footprints in the desert and lived to tell about it.

The Kitteh is grapplin'!

At the Skeletal Drawing blog, check out Scott Hartman's new Falcarius skeletal.

Sometimes dinosaurs aren't sexy, but Anthony Maltese still gives Thescelosaurus some love.

ScienceOnline 2012, which I sadly won't be attending this time around, is going to feature a Science Art slideshow to be shared during the conference. Let's make sure they're stocked with dinosaurs. More from Glendon Mellow.

Finally, Scott Sampson wrote about Dinosaur Train at Whirlpool of Life. He also recently joined twitter, and unlike the troll Dave Hone that popped up, it's legit!

P.S. Anatotitan forever.
Edmontosaurus (or Anatotitan) copei
Illustration by Paul Heaston, via Flickr.


  1. Hm, that Anatotitan won't live forever. Not even for long! Look at how starved it is, emaciated!


  2. *Weeps at Paul's illustration*

  3. Woo, go ornithischians! Cheers for the mentions too *sends e-pint* :)

  4. There is a real Dave Hone Twitter account now - @Dave_Hone.

  5. P.S. That Heaston Edmontosaurus is amazing.

  6. Fantastic Anatotitan, beautifully rendered.

  7. Thanks for yet another inclusion in the Miscellany, David! I suppose Heinrich is right-- I've been trying to beef up my dinos for a while, but old habits die hard.

  8. @Paul I'm pretty sure Heinrich was joking, given your hadrosaur's bulging gut.

  9. @Paul Also, the winking smiley afterwards.


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