Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Unbeatable Last Minute Dinosaur Gift Ideas

It's getting late to be thinking about what you're going to tuck under the tree, cram into a big sock, or otherwise present to that dinosaur lover in your life (given that you do the whole Christmas thing, naturally). Never one to plan ahead myself, I feel your pain. And I respond with an appropriately tardy list of saurian gift ideas. You are welcome.

The Hog Wild Dino Popper

"This Dino Popper will have your kids roaring with delight!" exclaims Neatoshop. "Simply load the soft foam ball into the dinosaur's snout and squeeze the Dino Popper's belly - the harder you squeeze the further it shoots!" It goes for $10 at Amazon, and a reviewer writes that it's "very fun for a group get together." So, you'll have to buy a bunch of them unless you just intend on annoying people by shooting them with little foam balls. Which makes this cheap little toy a bit pricier in practice.

Cruncher Interactive Pet Dinosaur

Well, you don't purchase one of these for anatomical accuracy, do you? Though this putative Spinosaurus has a terribly squished-in face, and seems to adhere to the quadrupedal spino hypothesis, it does come with a fish, which is worth a couple or points, since that's what they likely snacked on. $60 at Amazon.

Stegron the Dinosaur Man
Amazing Spider-Man 166
Appropriately enough, the amazing Spiderman was once involved in a battle dubbed a "holiday holocaust" with the Lizard and his cohort Stegron the Dinosaur Man. There are many dinosaur dudes in the Marvel canon, but I picked this one. Arbitrarily. I might do a post about Devil Dinosaur, Reptil, and the rest one day, if I can wrap my head around the insane narrative contortions of the Marvel universe. In the meantime, you can get his action figure for a mere $12.89. Or maybe you can offer Luke Porter enough money that he'll make you his far superior custom minimate version.
Luke Porter's Stegron. Photo via flickr.

Kota and Pals
Sort of a mesozoic version of that old chestnut Furby, these dudes are a real steal at only $8.00 from New Egg. They are also kind of terrifying. Here are the Parasaurolophus and pterosaur, for example.

But what the heck. Looks like the tykes love 'em.

Sideshow Dinosauria Maquettes
If you really need to buy someone's love, get them a Sideshow Maquette. For instance, mine. You could buy my love with a Sideshow maquette.

I know you have better ideas, so be sure to tell me what they are in the comments.


  1. Except the Spinosaurus' fishy meal looks like a misshapen Dunkleosteus. Bad form, Mattel..

  2. A retro carnosaur-headed Spino!

    If only you were not so far away, David, you can have this Sideshow Styracosaurus. Well, ok, you can buy it at a much reduced 'mate's rate'... I would be much more selfless were my circumstances not demanding otherwise. ;_;

  3. Doesn't it make more sense for the "spinosaur" toy to actually be a Dimetrodon? That would explain why the face is so short, why it's capable of quadrupedal motion, and why the fish is Dunkleosteus-like (still over a hundred million years off but hey, at least it's in the right geologic era). Plus, there has been some suggestion that Dimetrodon included large amounts of aquatic life in its diet.

  4. I was going to say that, but it doesn't have that many claws on its hands...also, Spinosaurus has a higher profile these days, so it'd make more sense to make a toy of it.

  5. My wife bought me the Sideshow Protoceratops vs. Velociraptor for Xmas...she won't let me put it on the mantle, though.

  6. There's also this:


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