Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NHM of Los Angeles County opens new dinosaur hall

Dueling Dinos in the Grand Foyer
The "dueling dinos" of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. From the Museum viaFlickr.

This Saturday, July 16, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will fling open the doors to its brand new dinosaur hall. Luckily for those of us either too impatient to wait or too far away to see it first hand, photos from last Friday's member's only preview have been making their way online.

I've heard nothing but positive things from the handful of Facebook and Twitter friends who have been able to visit, and whenever I am able to make my way to the left coast, I'll be jazzed to pop in and see for myself. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the preview event. The T. rex growth series mount in particular is stunning (in the extreme foreground of this first photo, you can also get the barest hint of an allosaur being thagomized). No good photos of either that mount or the Mamenchisaurus yet, which is a travesty of the highest order!

Dinosaur hall
Photo by Bolt of Blue, via Flickr.

Photo by Scientia Virum, via Flickr.

Photo by Coolislandsong24, via Flickr.

Photo by Rudebigdog, via Flickr.

Carnotaurus sastrei
Carnotaurus sastrei. Photo by Rudebigdog, via Flickr.

For more on the NHM's dinosaur hall, visit the museum's site and the hall's press release [PDF], and see this story from the Daily News.


  1. You can see part of the Mamenchisaurus' neck behind the Triceratops. Also need to get a pic of the Camptosaurus, which is very good in a subtler way. I may go back in a couple of weeks and I'll try to take some pictures.

    My wife and I had our wedding in front of the Duelling Dinos two years ago.

  2. (BTW, the Duelling Dinos are not part of the new hall, but in the museum's center.)

  3. Ah - thanks for the clarification there.

  4. I'll be there day one! I plan on documenting the heck out of this exhibit so fear not.

  5. "My wife and I had our wedding in front of the Duelling Dinos two years ago."

    That. Is. AWESOME!

    And my goodness, the new exhibit hall looks beautiful! I had the good luck o visit their old exhibit years ago, and I've been thinking it's bee a while since I visited my friends out in Cali...

    Question of great societal fallout: Can you still squat down beside the Mamenchisaur's left hind leg and ask her if she's ever seen the Great Valley?

  6. Someday I will leave the bitter weather of the midwest and I will go to this marvel.


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