Friday, July 15, 2011

Mesozoic Miscellany 39

Your weekly roundup of links from around the dinosaur blogosphere begins...


First up, new month, new Boneyard. Hosted by the originator of the whole shebang, Brian Switek, at Laelaps.

This weekend, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County opens its new dinosaur hall. I wrote about it on Tuesday, with photos from last Friday's member's only preview night.

The new hall opens just in time for the second "Dinosaur Day," a holiday created not by Hallmark but by blogger Ms. Xandra of Barbarella Psychedella.

Stu Pond continues his musings on science communication at Paleo Illustrata. This week, the museum.

Nifty Herrerasaurus sketch by Ezequiel Vera.

A Triceratops horn core discovered right at the K-Pg boundary is claimed to show that Triceratops survived until the bitter end of the Cretaceous. Ehhhh... maybe. Everything Dinosaur has more.

At Prep Lounge, Matthew Brown gives us the skinny on the paleontological tool that is featured in the SVP logo: the Marsh Pick. If you're interested in the amazing prep work that goes into our understanding of fossils, be sure to visit his blog. I also loved his recent post on the sabrecat Homotherium.

Paleoexhibit blogger and ubiquitous paleoartist Nobu Tamura shared his versions of various Morrison stegosaurs this week.

Mark Wildman asks: Is it time for a Palaeontological Resources Preservation Act in the UK?

Finally, a bit of cuteness spotted by my eagle-eyed spouse, The Jennie Orr.

From the illustration collab blog Ten Paces and Draw. It's the work of Emma Maatman, and Michele Rosenthal.

That'll do it for this week! Astute readers will note a break from the classical Mesozoic Miscellany format. This is in keeping with some impending and entirely necessary changes here. I'll talk about why soon.

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