Saturday, June 25, 2011

Terra Nova drops new promo images

Beware of the slashers! The upcoming Fox series Terra Nova, set to premiere on September 26 in the US, has released a series of promotional posters, giving us the first good look at the dinosaurs in the series. The clearest one shows a dude being chased by an odd dromaeosaurish thing.

So, there it is. A bit of unfortunate Bunny Hands Syndrome, the barest hint of feathery stuff about its head, and an odd crest that doesn't quite fit any dromaeosaur I'm aware of. I'd love to see the first two changed, but because of the spottiness of the fossil record, I don't have a problem with invented dinosaurs for the series, as long as it's done well. Most importantly: will I give a darn about the characters? We'll see. I'm not sticking around for CGI dinosaurs if the people drive me crazy.

More of these from the Hollywood Reporter.


  1. (Looks at the Slasher...)

    Oh... oh, hell no. What the hell even is that?

    (Shakes little fist in the air...)


  2. Got to see these images a bit earlier than most-- my workplace got a bunch of promotional materials that we're putting up as part of the viral marketing campaign for the show. The "slasher" chimera thing bugs me, but I have a feeling these images are concepts from the marketing design team, and not really finished product. Something about the Sibbick-ness of the body of the slasher with what appears to be a pasted-on head...

  3. Ah. Interesting perspective there, Paul. I hadn't considered that. We'll see!

  4. I still stand by my statement that the slasher looks like some horrid attempt to mate an Oviraptor and Deinonychus.

    Still, like Paul stated, it could simply be some marketing design shenanigans.

  5. What would be TRULY RADICAL of the Terra Nova writers would be if the humans get to the Mesozoic... and the dinosaurs aren't really bothered.

  6. I remember reading in an interview with some of those who are working on the show that they are making some of their own dinosaurs up to put in the show.

    It's actually a pretty awesome idea in my opinion. There must be tons of species we haven't discovered yet, and some we never will because no fossils of them ever formed.

  7. This are much cooler than the teaser, which came off as Diet Avatar.


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