Friday, June 3, 2011

Mesozoic Miscellany #33

New Research
The new issue of the Argentinian Paleontological Association's journal Ameghiana has been released, including papers on the crurotarsan Saurosuchus galilei, a reevaluation of a collection of Middle Jurassic dinosaur footprints in Santa Cruz province, and a study on abnormal dinosaur eggshells.  In addition to this, all articles from the last issue of 2010 are available freely. Click here to check 'em out.

Around the Dinoblogosphere

The May 27 episode of Sir David Attenborough's Radio 4 program Life Stories covered the history of pterosaurs. Listen here.

Dr. Phil Manning describes the process of organizing a paleontological dig at Dinosaur CSI. He writes, "Funding such excavations is not much fun. The economy is hardly booming and this impacts directly on many areas of research, especially in the UK. Last year I had to use my own savings to keep some of my field team in South Dakota. I should say, it is not uncommon for palaeontologists to dip into their own pockets to fund digs."

In his first Vintage Dinosaur Art post as an official contributor to this blog, Marc Vincent wrote about Inside Dinosaurs.

Ian Garofalo writes about the career of Stephen Czerkas at Other Branch, sharing a photo of his feathered Deinonychus. For more on Czerkas, including an earlier, non-feathery Deinonychus, also see my post from February.

Peter Bond shared a cute animated piece, Dinosaur Battle Town, at ART Evolved.

At Dinosaur Tracking, the Beehive State's newest celebrity resident Brian Switek writes about the way two paleontologists had two different ways of being wrong about live birth in sauropods.

How engaged with the science are museum visitors? Saurian discusses this issue and his own experiences as a paleontology ambassador.

Another review of March of the Dinosaurs has popped up, this time provided by Albertonykus at Raptormaniacs. Still need to catch this one - hopefully I'll get some time this weekend.

James Gurney, who writes a continually enlightening blog, has been interviewed by Dave Hone. Head to Archosaur Musings to learn about his background and his favorite prehistoric creatures.

The paleontologist students of Montana State University have returned with their blog chronicling the second of a three year field expedition to China. This week, team member Betsy talks about their dinosaur egg studies, including a fabulous specimen that may preserve a hatching window.

Yesterday I shared Maija Karala's take on Shastasaurus, but that's not the only one inspired by recent research. Check out Nobu Tamura's post about the shastasaurids at Paleoexhibit.

Twit Picks
Links I shared on twitter in the last week or so:

Paleoart of the Week
May as well continue the theme, eh? In a whimsical take on those beloved marine reptiles of the Mesozoic, here's a steampunk Ichthyosaurus by Flickr user Feytech.
Steampunk Undersea III: Steam Ichthyosaur

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence

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