Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paraworld, the Dinosaur Strategy Game

Anyone ever give this bad boy a whirl? It's called Paraworld, and it took the concept of Dino-Riders and turned it into a real-time strategy game. Here's the intro.

That Kentrosaurus went down like a sack of flour! Sort of like the game's developer, SEK, after the game didn't live up to expectations.

A fellow going by the name of the Illiterate Scholar has been posting short videos called the Dinosaur News Center for several months at the ol' Youtube. His latest, from about a month ago, was a review of the game. He pretty much loves it!

Love the slo-mo WTF after the "Welcome to Viking Park" line. Keep it up, man!


  1. It's definitely a great looking game with plenty of dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts to offer dino enthusiasts; unfortunately, it is a real time strategy game, which I don't have the patience for. I played a demo of this once and had fun at first, but quickly became bored and frustrated. If RTS games are your bag however, it's definitely worth checking out.

  2. Funny how I've never heard of this game, yet I'm both a palaeogeek and a fan of RTS games.

    So, good lookin' out there David.

  3. It really seems like a botched marketing job, although it did net decent reviews from some prominent sites. I'm not a huge video game guy - Tetris and Double Dash keep me satisfied - so maybe there was something else going on in 2006 that overshadowed the game's release? I wonder how it would do now that there are some prominent dinosaur projects about to hit the scene.

  4. I played it. The game was fun, largely because it didn't take itself seriously as the reviewer said. There's a lot of pop culture references in the game (the geologist Cole is largely based on Ash from the Evil Dead movies. He even sports a "Boomstick" ). I killed a lot of time playing Paraworld, most of that time laughing as I did so.

  5. It's alot more playable now thanks to a fanpatch that can be found at

    I play it on moderate and that's tough enough. I find it good enough to keep permanently installed and that's saying quite a bit for a game that, as said above, didn't take itself seriously.
    It's almost Land of the Lost.

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