Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boneyard 2.7, Alive and Kicking

March is roaring in like a ferocious lion with the arrival of the seventh edition of the Boneyard 2.o. The world's greatest (and only) paleontology blog carnival is being hosted by David Tana at Superoceras this time around, and he's done a bang-up job of pulling together a disparate bunch of posts and making them all gel into a cohesive whole. It's a perfect model for future hosts, arranged in a sensible way and pulled together by David's personal insights. Reading it is really great. I heartily encourage it.

I've got some ideas to keep the carnival growing, as it's hit a bit of a plateau. Things aren't as dire as they were a few months ago, but this critter needs to keep moving forward. There's no reason it can't have the visibility of Carnival of Evolution, Accretionary Wedge, or Carnal Carnival. Part of my strategy is to talk some of the better known bloggers and scientist bloggers into hosting (yeah, I'm coming for you). Another idea is to ask paleo bloggers to consider hosting some of the other blog carnivals themselves - as David says very well in today's Boneyard, paleontology pulls in such a diversity of scientific disciplines that many carnivals could relate to the usual content of a paleontology blog.

Anyway, scoot on over to Superoceras!

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