Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LITC Presents: Dinosaur Valentines!

February 14th, known in some parts of the world as Valentine's Day, is quickly approaching. In honor of this most widely beloved of holidays, I've whipped up a set of dinosaur valentines ready to print and clip.

I've made PDFs available through Google Docs, in two versions: one suitable for all ages, and a slightly saucier version. If you'd prefer to express your affection digitally, grab them individually from Flickr: they're divided into nice and naughty sets.

Here are previews of the three designs:

Nesting Troodons...

Dromaeosaurus and Camarasaurus...

and Carnotaurus and Triceratops.

Yeah, yeah, the pairings aren't strictly accurate, time- and place-wise. They're valentines, not posters for SVP. Show the object of your affection your feelings and share your affection for dinosaurs at the same time. It's efficient!

If you like these, thank Jennie. Not only was it her idea in the first, she helped me pick out the "naughty" caption for the Troodons when I was hopelessly stumped and thinking about ditching the naughty version completely.


  1. Delightful!

    Just to nitpick, remember the primary feathers! Even though these are just cartoons, one wouldn't leave off such an important feature in a cartoonized neornithine, would they? Maintain aviremigian honor! XD

  2. Haha, I've just caught up on my reading here, and this was an excellent way to end my morning. I just love the succinctness of the "naughty" Triceratops - Carnotaurus one.

  3. These are great! I like the play between the sharpness of the dinosaurs and the background textures, especially the halftone trees behind Carnotaurus and Triceratops. And the dinosaurs themselves are really cute!

  4. Those are adorable, thanks so much for posting!!


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