Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carnotaurus and Friends at the Kenosha Dinosaur Discovery Museum

As part of a family of die-hard Green Bay Packers fans, I've spent my share of time in the great Dairy State, Wisconsin. Having grown up in Northwest Indiana, my family would take yearly trips to visit family, see Packers training camp, and watch games when they still played in Milwaukee twice a year. I've been to the Dells. I've eaten at the Mars Cheese Castle. But I never knew that the city of Kenosha was home to a small population of immigrants from the Mesozoic, in the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. Dr. Thomas Carr of Carthage College, describer of the recent tyrannosaurs Teratophoneus and Bistahieversor, is the museum's curator. The Carthage Institute of Paleobiology ioperates a laboratory at the museum, as well.

According to the museum's website, the exhibit gallery "has more meat-eating dinosaurs on display than any other museum in the nation. Nine of the dinosaurs can be seen only at our Museum."

The photos below are by Scott Anselmo. He's got some nice frontal shots of Carnotaurus, showing just how narrow that skull was, for as boxy as it is in profile.


To its credit, the museum states up front that the skeletons on display are casts, and uses color to illustrate which bones are known from the skeletons and which were missing. I understand that many want to see the actual fossils, but it doesn't bother me at all. Cast or mounted fossil, I'd love to check out that Carnotaurus or the Suchomimus below. Just reminds me of how many dinosaur mounts I haven't seen.


They've even got little Eoraptor, recently traded from team theropod to team sauropod.


Visit Scott's Flickr photo set for more of the Dinosaur Discovery Museum's collection.

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  1. I believe it to be a wonderful idea when displays show what has been found on the mount and what hasn't....great post!!!!


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