Monday, June 21, 2010

The London Pterosaurs Arrive

Over at the blog, Mark Witton reports that the moment of truth has arrived: the Dragons of the Air exhibition in London goes up this week. It should be a great PR boost for the pterosaurs, and hopefully at least a few people will have the assumption that they're just funny-looking flying dinosaurs struck from their heads. The exhibition includes enormous life-size azhdarchids strung between buildings, which would be pretty awesome to stumble upon while out on a stroll.

The exhibition is part of the See Further Festival, celebrating the 35oth anniversary of the Royal Society. The Royal Society is also providing open access to its archives until July 30, 2010. There are nearly 70,000 papers available covering the entire 350 years. It's like standing in front of a geological exposure that preserves everything from the Cambrian to the Miocene.

If only airfare to the UK hadn't doubled since a year ago...

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