Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dave Dolak

This is amazing. A student at my alma mater, Columbia College Chicago, took this cell phone video of professor Dave Dolak singing to the class.

Columbia is an arts and media school. Dave was the perfect science teacher to wrangle all of those left-brainers right-brainers into tackling science, and the course was one of my favorites. It was called Dinosaurs and More: Geology Explored, and the final project involved synthesizing a topic we had learned about into something artistic. My contribution was "The Dinosaur Genealogy Bop," a rollicking disco throwdown. I'll have to try to find it. It starts with a paleontologist schooling a kid's mom on how stupid the phrase "giant dinosaur dragonfly" is and only gets more unfathomably amazing and intense as it goes on.


  1. I'm totally floored by how awesome this is. I really really really hope you find "The Dinosaur Genealogy Bop," because wow.

  2. I messed up the left/ right brain thing as usual. Oopsie!


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