Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage Dinosaur Art: John R. Jones

Here are some selections from Dinosaur Hunters, a little book that's as much about paleontologists as it is about dinosaurs themselves. It's pretty accurate, though there are some minor mistakes, such as using the name Brontosaurus instead of Apatosaurus, though the book was published in 1989, well after the renaming occurred. But overall, it's a good introduction to the science.

Dinosaur Hunters Front Cover

The credited illustrator is John R. Jones, whose name renders him hopelessly ungoogleable. I've tried, but come up with nothing more than a few listings with online booksellers. Some of the illustrations, such as this Iguanodon, demonstrate how ideas have changed with new evidence.

Iguanodon by John R. Jones

Here's the requisite T. rex vs. Triceratops page. Note the very Knightian posture of the T. rex in the foreground.

Tyrannosaurs and Trikes by John R. Jones

Finally, I really dig this little ankylosaur. Maybe not perfectly accurate, but plenty of character.

Ankylosaurus by John R. Jones

These images and many more are kept in the Vintage Dinosaur Art Flickr Pool.

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  1. This is still how I can't help but imagine Ankylosaurs, because this is exactly how they always portrayed him when I was growing up. Since then, Anky and related dinosaurs became somewhat sleek and long-legged without anyone bothering to tell me. You can imagine my surprise! :(


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