Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terra Nova

Note to producers: please try to remember that expensive visuals and quality storytelling aren't mutually exclusive. Please?

Fox has made a big commitment to the Spielberg-produced Terra Nova for 2011. It involves a family of time travelers from a hundred years in our future traveling back to the Jurassic. Spielberg's a big name, but I'd be more optimistic if it was Whedon, Lindelof, or Cuse. It would be really neat to have pretty dinosaurs and the kind of writing that will sustain them for more than one season.

Though in that case, maybe I shouldn't have invoked poor ol' Joss...


  1. joss hasn't been any good since serenity!

    don't believe me just read his X-men (and i mean his whole run! not just the good first 6 issue arc) or watch doll house!

    i'm hoping avengers can turn him around. hoping!

  2. Well, I can't attest to his work post-serenity. Firefly earned him tons of respect here - I hadn't ever seen Buffy and went in with no expectations, to find a dozen or so of the best written hours of TV I'd ever seen. I don't think he's done producing quality entertainment...

  3. ^ Wonders how many episodes of "Dollhouse" Traumador saw. Do yourself a favor and rent the last disk of season one and watch "Epitaph". *Wow*.


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