Thursday, April 1, 2010

Therizinosaur Party 2k10

Every couple of months, the paleoart blog Art Evolved assembles new galleries dedicated to specific groups of dinosaurs. The latest deals with the therizinosaurs, one of the hippest groups of late. Really, very hot right now, though I could see the alvarezsaurs usurping their spot, becoming the Hannah Montana to their Lizzie McGuire. I'm not saying it's inevitable. The stature of dinosaur clans in the popular imagination is governed by a complex set of factors. Therizinosaurs certainly have the size advantage. But the alvarezsaurs have weirdness on their side. I'm not saying that alvarezsaurs are, in fact, weirder than therizinosaurs; it's just that weirdness fades over time and therizinosaurs have been better known for longer. And if some animated entertainment decides to create a cuddly Shuvuuia... all bets are off.

Anyway, you ought to skip on over to the ol' Art Evolved. Brett Booth does a cool profile of Therizinosaurus, and Rachael Revelle does a very cool linoprint. And here is a teaser from the Hoosier state's own Matt Tames.

Matt has done work for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, which is without a doubt the coolest children's museum around. Proof? You want proof? Check this out.

Indianapolis Childrens Museum
Photo by Bob Wollpert, via Flickr


  1. Alvarezsauroids are the best (along with eumaniraptors)! Of course, therizinosaurs are great, too. Go maniraptors!

  2. That sauropod reminds me of this effort is Stuttgart. (Warning, self-promoting link ahead).

  3. Hey! Thanks for the Children's Museum plug! I spend my days on the other side of that Alamosaurus, inside the Dinosphere.

  4. Hey Philosiraptor, if you get this comment, send me an email at the address at the top of the sidebar. I'd like to talk to you about the museum. Crossing my fingers that you get this...


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