Monday, April 12, 2010

Harmony Ball's Dinosaur Pot Bellys

I've always enjoyed hidden compartments, alcoves, secret passages behind walls, and that sort of stuff. Remember the house on the sitcom Webster, starring TV's Emmanuel Lewis? The grandfather clock served as a secret door to a corridor behind the wall. I think there were other things, too. Maybe a lazy susan that connected to Webster's room via a chute? That stuff drove me nuts when I was a kid. While I have neither the time, the skill, nor the money to do something on that scale in our house, one of the features I love about it is its built-in book shelf. This has ended up housing my fossil collection and books about dinosaurs and other science topics, probably a sub-consciously chosen place for the things that are important to me.

Harmony Ball is a company that makes all sorts of odd little gift items, and their Pot Bellys line of miniature figurines are pretty cool - each has a secret compartment. They've made a dinosaur series of Pot Bellys, and though the company's site only lists the non-dinosaur but still cool Dimetrodon, I found the complete set of six for sale at this site. Here's the Stegosaurus. It's neat.

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