Monday, December 11, 2017

The 2017 Survey of Paleoartists: Results

Promotional graphic for the results to the 2017 Survey of Paleoartists. Illustration by Natee Puttapipat. Please feel free to download and distribute!

Back in March, I launched the 2017 Survey of Paleoartists, which took answers over the course of the month. It was largely developed with help from Matt Celeskey, Bob Nicholls, and Mark Witton, as well as input from Emily Willoughby, Brian Engh, and Glendon Mellow. Today I'm excited to share the report of our findings, available here. If you would like to share the report, please use the shortlink, as this will help me get a rough idea of how many people are accessing it.

At that link, you'll find two versions of the report, an interactive PDF with navigational hyperlinks that weighs 5.48 MB and a smaller version that's half the size, with no interactive elements.

I'll keep this post a brief announcement of the release of the report. Marc Vincent will soon be publishing a post here offering his analysis, and I'm sure other bloggers will, as well. If you would like to write about the survey and want to include figures from the report, please write me at davieorr(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get you a link to web-ready versions.

Thanks to everyone who took the survey! I look forward to the discussions surrounding the findings.

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  1. This is pretty interesting to read, and pretty wild to think that at least four people see me as an inspiration, and even more wild to think someone wrote "plastospleen" as an inspiration, imagine your inspiration using that username?


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