Thursday, December 1, 2016

The 2016 Dinosaur Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, and once more your trusty paleo-bloggers of LITC are here to offer some very cool dinosaur gifts sure to satisfy the enthusiasts of Mesozoic megafauna in your life. As in years past, we will focus on products that look cool, reflect the modern state of paleoart, and come from independent artists and creators.

Taurus Dinosaur Zodiac © Les Valiant, used with the artist's permission.

Dinosaur zodiac! This adorable collection by comic artist Les Valiant on Redbubble is available as individual pieces in various formats, or as a poster of the entire set.

Tyrannosauroidea poster © Gabriel Ungueto, used with the artist's permission

Miami-based artist Gabriel Ungueto has been creating some lovely posters recently, for sale through Redbubble. Choose between Tyrannosauroidea and Dromaeosauridae, Ornithomimosaurs and Alvarezsaurs, or buy 'em all!

Tyrannosaurus Calligram © Scott Elyard, used with the artist's permission

The Alaskan creative duo of Scott Elyard and Raven Amos of Cubelight Graphics have some great new stuff this year. Check out Scott's fantastic dino skull calligraphics, including the tyrannosaur above.

"Aurora Ornatus" © Raven Amos, used with the artist's permission

I also love Raven's Aurora Ornatus, available as a sweet tee at NeatoShop. Who says southerners make the best sweet tees? Hardy har har.

Tyrannosaurus rex © Studio 252MYA/ Franz Anthony, available via Studio 252 MYA and used here with permission.

Studio 252mya is a new paleoart studio featuring an international team of artists. It's been built by the team who also created the sites Earth Archives and Pteros. There's a treasure trove of wonderful art to pick from. I love Franz Anthony's T. rex illustration above, and it sure makes a handsome iPhone case! Also available as a framed print, mug, and more. Be sure to browse their entire shop.

"Allosaurus v. The Extinction" © Natasha Alterici, used with the artist's permission

Artist Natasha Alterici runs a shop on Society 6, featuring her distinctive dinosaur art. I love her hellish Allosaurus v. The Extinction. Plus, all of her proceeds are being donated to the ACLU presently!

The cover of Witton's "Recreating an Age of Reptiles"

Mark Witton published Recreating an Age of Reptiles this year. Signed copies are available in his online shop (along with prints of his work). It costs just a bit more than the unsigned edition. "Rec-A-Rep" a must-have for anyone who cares about paleoart, and a wonderful demonstration of how art and science are inseparable in paleontology. To be further convinced, read our very own Marc Vincent's review from July.

"Spinosaurus" © Francesco Delrio, used with the artist's permission

One of my favorite illustrations of new-look Spinosaurus comes from Francesco Delrio, which manages to make the oddly proportioned beast look graceful. Available as a variety of print formats.

The cover of Naish and Barrett's "Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved"

Darren Naish and Paul Barrett's Dinosaurs: How They Lived and Evolved. Marc reviewed the tome in October, and had high praise: "So, should you get it? Yeah, you should get it. It's essentially the perfect summation of 'where we're up to' with dinosaur science, allowing for differences in opinion and areas where More Research is Needed."

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite © Brian Engh, used here with the artist's permission.

If you're looking for a stunning piece to stop people in their tracks, Brian Engh's beautful panorama of the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite should do the trick nicely. Additionally, you can support his work via Patreon, and get early access to an assortment of new originals he's auctioning off. The Patreon-specific auction lasts until December 11, at which point it will be opened to the general public, concluding on December 17.

Mammoth is Mopey by David & Jennie Orr

Finally, if you're new to LITC, you may not be aware of my children's book, Mammoth is Mopey, created with my wife Jennie and published in 2015. This year, we've got a big holiday sale on. Limited edition hardcover copies are only $10 through the end of the year, and as always each one comes with a complimentary ebook, which features an educational appendix that isn't in the print version.

That's a wrap for this year's guide! These are always fun to put together - I always find a new artist or two as I look for items to feature. Of course, many of the products featured in our previous gift guides would still make delightful gifts. So please do browse our 2015 and 2014 (parts one, two, and three) posts as well. Let's support independent creators, the people who bring the current paleontological golden age to vivid life!


  1. Ooh, like that tyrannosauroid and allosaur art.

    "Signed copies are available in his online shop"

    Shoot, wish I'd known that.

    "...manages to make the oddly proportioned beast look graceful."

    Well, not the first time that's been said, when an (ostensibly) aquatic theropod is seen in the right surroundings. ;)

    And yes, it (the spinosaur) looks very sleek.

  2. Dang. I knew I was dragging my feet too much with my own "Theropod Zodiac". Ah well. Les did an amazing job with their version!

  3. Surely Dinosaur4D+ Augmented Reality flash cards also deserve a mention @sciencemadecool


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