Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Tyrannosaur Chronicles competition: the winners

So who wins a copy of Doctor Dave's magnum opus? Predictably, we had a slew of excellent entries for this competition (eventually), but in the end we did have to pick that half dozen. And so, in no particular order (because they all win the same prize, after all), here they are - with commentary from Niroot and I.

Robin Liesens submitted two superb pieces, but Niroot and I felt that this one was the best. The image of T. rex opening its mouth very wide and attempting to deafen everyone is a very common trope, after all, even if it's not normally accompanied by a metal band. Here, the animal is crouched down, its mouth is closed, and it's flipping pancakes. Using its mouth. Which is very important, because the main mistake that...original series made was to assume that T. rex would even consider using its arms for the tasks presented. Who needs arms with a head like that? Also, this is adorable. The little red apron!

Niroot says: "I loved Robin's pancake-flipping T. rex from the moment it was submitted, and though I loved seeing all the entries, this remained my favourite. It's beautifully drawn, the red apron is indeed an adorable touch, and its whole approach feels rather kindred to my own - which I realise is a bit of a gross Vanity Fair on my part, but hey ho. And yes, it's using its ruddy mouth! Would it be impolitic of me to confess that if this contest had a prize tier, I would award this the first?"

We did get a few multi-panel submissions, and while a single, striking image was preferred overall, you could easily take the last panel of Ost's piece, subtract the text, and make a poster out of it. Or a t-shirt. (Have I already mentioned that I'd like a t-shirt of this?) I'm really not sure about that lifting-itself-with-its-arms hypothesis (the arms just seem totally unnecessary in that scenario), but...COME ON. Those sunglasses. The smile. The feathers arranged into an immaculate coiffure. It's totally tubular and deserving of a close-up, I reckon.

Still cracks me up.

Niroot says: "If I recall correctly, Ost has mentioned over on Twitter that a t-shirt of this is in the works! I agree about the last panel being able to stand perfectly on its own, but the sequence is a delight (and was also responsible for getting The Beach Boys' Surfin' U.S.A. stuck in my head for a while). Marc mentions this being his favourite chiefly for its colourful exuberance, à la Luis Rey. I can see why!"

Shelby Cheyenne's entry, meanwhile, is mostly just very pretty to look at, and she didn't half do well for someone who professes a complete lack of knowledge on theropod anatomy. Shelby's piece provides the long-needed answer to getting those festering tendrils of edmontosaur flesh out of one's teeth. The choice of a leucistic individual is also intriguing.

Niroot says: "I'd never have guessed Shelby's supposed lack of knowledge on the anatomy. Has there ever been a more elegantly seated T. rex brushing its teeth on a more immaculately shiny bathroom floor? That leucistic coat is just gorgeous, too. I feel as though I should name it Daenerys.."

This entry from Wombatsrock wins plaudits from me because, again, the emphasis is on how T. rex is doing quite well at something a little silly (in this case, skiing and looking resplendent in shiny goggles and blue pelt) without using its arms at all. "No need for poles, my weight carries ME down the slope!" Also, it makes me smile every time I look at it, which must be worth something. Maybe even a copy of The Tyrannosaur Chronicles.

Niroot says: "I think this one calls for an animation! Perhaps it could team up with the Surfin' T. rex for their own sporting series: From the Surf to the Slopes. Or... something."

I know, I know, Henry Sharpe's Rexy is using it arms. Aha, but you see, the arms are their correct lengths and it isn't employing some extend-o-gadget to compensate for them. Besides which, it's just a very handsomely drawn Tyrannosaurus that just happens to be carrying a percussion instrument. Just think how much more fun that scene in Jurassic Park would've been.

Niroot says: "Something about this is a little reminiscent of Brian Choo's work to me. Give this handsome rex a place in the Musikverein's Vienna New Year's Day Concert for the Radetzky March already!"
And finally...Nathan Hicks' simply superb Rexy Tennis. Absolutely postcard-perfect, with a winning mix of nattily dressed women, a summery green palette, and the threatening reptilian stare of a gigantic murderbird. Lovely stuff.

Niroot says: "Another beautifully painted rex elegantly using its foot! I also love its slightly mad stare of athletic determination. Pass the strawberries and cream, will you?"

Congratulations to all the winners! Please send a PM to our Facebook page to claim your prize, and if you can't do that, drop a comment below and we'll sort something out.


  1. Congrats to the winners, and I do hope you like the book. Commiserations to the other entrants and thanks for taking part.

  2. Great job everyone! I certainly had fun. :)

  3. Thanks so much, and congratualations to the other winners! I'm afraid I don't have facebook but if you could email me at wombatsrock@gmail.com we could sort somthing out. Oh, and apoligies for omitting to name myself. I'm Lyall.
    Thanks again!

    1. I've just sent you an e-mail from my Gmail account.

  4. Thanks, guys! All the entries look fantastic and I can imagine how hard it was to choose. I don't have Facebook either (sorry to complicate things), but you can email me at sutherland.sharpe@gmail.com. Congrats to all the other winners, and I love that everyone's rex is sporting a handsome coat of feathers.
    Henry Sharpe

  5. Late to the game as usual. In any case, congrats to the winners. I definitely agree w/pancake T.rex being the best of the bunch. I considered entering this contest, but several things prevented me from doing so, the main 1 being my lack of artistic skill (I.e. My 1 semi-good/original idea required a front-facing view & thus was too complex for me).

  6. I'm late to the party! Too late to be fashionable even.

    Everyone made such great Rexies. I especially like the dangling apron on pancake-Rex.

    And for those interested in a Surfer Rex shirt - here ya go:

  7. Hi! Man, I never ever thought.... I mean.... wow, what a surprise!!! I'm... kinda sorta in a bit of a state of shock... wow... thank you so very much!!!! I am so excited!!!! And honored! Lemme... sit down for a sec...

    My email is shikra@juno.com. :D (I don't have a facebook either.)

    Again, thank you so much!!

  8. ALSO, so many awesome entries!!! Well done, guys! Surfers, skiers, pancake flippers, and-... wait, are those.... blueberry???? :'D


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