Monday, January 25, 2016

Mesozoic Miscellany 82

So... this was supposed to go up on December 18, and life junk kept me from wrapping it up (the intended date of publication will be meaningful in terms of some of the seeming non sequiturs in the descriptions, which I don't feel like cutting). So forgive the slightly older than usual linkage here. Still, stuff well worth checking out. I'll try to have another, fresher round-em-up soon. Been a bonkers end-of-2015 and start-of-2016, work wise.

In the News

A barfed-up pterosaur! Presumably it was not digested over 10,000 years, finding a new meaning of pain and suffering. Andy Farke and Brian Switek have the rest of the story.

With a name like Hensonbatrachus kermiti, think you could guess what kind of critter it was? Hint: it's not a Kowakian Monkey Lizard. Royal Tyrrell Museum has the tale.

New species of ankylosaur from Australia? This deal keeps getting better all the time!

Azendohsaurus had an interesting change in phylogenetic placement; more from Jaime Headden at The Bite Stuff.

Around the Dinoblogosphere

"You seen that new garish Velociraptor?" "Yeah, the Dino Toy Blog was telling me about it... they say it's quite a thing to see."

Pixar's The Good Dinosaur came out at the end of November, and Marc Vincent and Jaime Headden offered reviews.

Luis Rey took a look at a new CollectA Spinosaur which seems to be inspired by one of his recent depictions of the beast - at least in the wrist.

Look mammals so old to young eyes? Guardian science blogger Elsa Panciroli examines the debate over the phylogenetic placement of the haramiyidans.

Heinrich Mallison paid a visit to Juramuseum Eichstätt and how is it? Well, it's certainly no wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Mark Witton followed up his first wonderful Tanystropheus article with a second, exploring what sort of lifestyle the sum total of the protorosaur's anatomy seems to add up to.

At SV-POW, Mike Taylor has written a touching personal tribute to Jack McIntosh, a legend in the study of sauropods who passed away last month at the age of 92. Abydosaurus mcintoshi and Brontomerus mcintoshi are both named in honor of Mr. McIntosh.

Paleoart Pick

I love Franxurio's work; I feel like we chase similar muses, but in our own ways. Check out this beautiful poster wrapping up his #Dinovember illustrations. Love the use of hand lettering, too.

Dinovember without Dinosaurs by Franxurio, available at Redbubble.

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