Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TetZooCon Approaches!

Darren Naish and John Conway will be hosting the first TetZooCon in eleven short days, at the London Wetland Centre. I have been drooling over the announced speaking lineup since I learned of it, but with an ocean between us, it's just not in the cards for me. The deadline for booking your place at the event is this Friday, July 4. At £40, the price is very reasonable (if only airfare and lodging didn't cost anything).

John opens the conference with his welcome, followed by Darren on speculative paleontology and a Mark Witton talk on the speculative idea of post-Mesozoic pterosaurs. The rest of the day is as wide-ranging as TetZoo itself, covering cryptozoology, paleoart, and good ol' normal everyday extant tetrapods like amphibians and giraffes. The day is absolutely packed, and I can imagine a gaggle of overstimulated convention-goers wandering London babbling snippets of talks.

Darren has also opened up a new Redbubble shop with his illustrations accompanied by cheeky captions. They're pretty funny. Keep in mind that this is a second shop, in addition to the TetZoo podcast shop, so don't get confused and punch your computer monitor or throw your monitor or something. Because then you'd have to replace it, and would have less money to pack into Darren and John's pockets.

And, you know... <filthy lucre>toss a few coins my way too and send me a photo of you sporting one of my tees at the con - maybe one of my new "Society of Palaeontology Fanciers" designs! There's just enough time to place an order and get one before the con... </filthy lucre>


  1. Marc and I will be attending. I suspect there may well be a report of some of the talks relevant to the blog.

  2. @David Orr

    Sorry this comment isn't directly related to this post, but I've been meaning to mention Paleoaerie ( http://paleoaerie.org ) as something that should be added to "The Mesozoic Blogosphere". Also, I think the Laelaps link needs fixing b/c it hasn't moved up in forever despite plenty of recent posts.


    1. Paleoaerie: thanks

      Laelaps: checked and natgeo has indeed given Brian his own RSS feed. For the longest, none of the phenomena blogs had their own. updating.

    2. Hmm, nope. Same garbage feed URL. I asked Brian about it months ago, he said it was a known problem but not sure if/when would be fixed.


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