Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have No Fear, My Darling Dear; This is What Happens in the Mountains.

Some of you guys may know of Brian Engh. Brian, A.K.A Historian Himself, is a freelance paleoartist, a rapper, and an filmmaker. He's got a self-released album, Earth Beasts Awaken, and an upcoming album Gather Bones. He's also been releasing music videos like the one below, "Bagheera," fairly regularly on his YouTube page. They're worth watching, even if you aren't a huge fan of hip hop; they're short an d very well made, filled with powerful imagery and weird, off kilter performances.

In this latest video, In Mountains, Brian brings us on a strange voyage into a frozen, primeval forest, where some ancient spirit has marked the snow with images of long forgotten creatures. And what he finds inside the mountain could spell the end of the world.

The video was directed and produced by Brian himself, and as you can see, it looks gorgeous. It's also the first in a series, all of them promising more prehistoric mayhem. I'll be interviewing Brian about both his paleoart and music soon, so if you like this, hang tight. There's a lot more coming.


  1. Loved these both! The creatures in the second video reminded me of Skeksis.

  2. Damn those creatures are terrifying. Not really digging the music, but the visuals are astounding.

  3. I don't know if he still does, but he used to host his entire album on his site as a free download. It was worth downloading.

    1. It's still on there. I second the recommendation.

  4. Well, rapping ain't my thing altho' I like the ethereal music. However, I love the the vids - some serious film-making skills there. Stunning locations, beautiful lighting and angles, lovely camera work, editing, costuming and, as ar as I can tell, not one bit of CGI. Fantastic stuff.

    I had seen Brian's dino artwork around but wasn't aware of his other artistic endeavours so thanks for posting this.

  5. As a rap enthousiast, I can't really say I like his style too much (though he certainly has a decent voice for rapping), but I do like the videos themselves. As for the comparison to Skeksis, aren't Skeksis themselves essentially long-armed theropods in appearance? (Retroactively correct quills included!) I remember that, as a young child, I loved to draw both theropods and Skeksis and even drew quite some theropods in Skeksis attire. (I was rather fond of my Carnotaurus-Skeksis especially.)

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