Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Tardy Pirate

I took a short break from my thesis project work to whip up a scurvy saltasaur of my own, since Marc's post was so much fun and full of so many awesome prehistorical pirates. Here he is, with Polly the dromaeosaur on his shoulder. I suppose I could have put a Psittacosaurus on Captain Salty's shoulder for the etymological pun of it, but I wanted wings and big floofy feathers.

Back to the thesis salt mines! Stay tuned for an announcement about where you can view what I've been working on all semester.


  1. David you're really good with the Photoshop, how'd you get that watercolor texture on there?

    1. Thanks! I did the initial character designs in Illustrator, then used a couple different custom brushes in Photoshop, at low opacity and with the color burn blending mode. I use angle and rotation jitter on my brushes to get a good variety of strokes and dabs.

  2. Dinosaurs dressed as pirates? Whatever. Dinosaur ARTISTS dressed as pirates, now THATS something!


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