Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mesozoic Miscellany 62

In the News
New research in Nature looks at the evolution of the avian brain by comparing endocasts of various avialans and maniraptorans, concluding that the high brain-to-body size ratio of modern birds evolved several times and that some non-flying feathered dinosaurs had a neurological capacity for flight better than famous Archaeopteryx. Carl Zimmer at The Loom writes, "If a bird-like brain was essential for the mental challenge of flying through the air, then these other dinosaurs had what it took for flight. It will be up to future paleontologists and ornithologists to figure out how flight shapes the brain, and how well other feathered dinosaurs could fly."

The Carter County Museum in Ekalaka, MT, recently hosted the Dino Shindig. Read about it at the Bozeman Magpie.

Dinosaur Auction Alert! Asher will have more coverage of this story soon.

Want to learn about dinosaurs from a genuine paleontological superstar? You now have your chance to learn from Dr. Philip Currie with the free online class Dino 101, offered by the University of Alberta. If only it didn't coincide with my last semester of Masters' studies, I'd be all about it.

Around the Dinoblogosphere
Head over to ART Evolved to check out the newly released gallery of tyrannosaur art. Amazing mix of stuff.

Paleontologist Thomas Carr has a new blog dedicated to arguably the most popular group of dinosaurs: Tyrannosauroidea Central.

A little broader in scope and providing refuge for the theropod-weary is The Ornithischian Revolution, a new blog from Ali Nabavizadeh.

At Dinosours, Ben Miller writes about the thorny issue of Henry Fairfield Osborn, who was both a huge bigot and a huge contributor to paleontological science.

Ever wonder about those omnipresent flocks of birds in Hollywood spectacles? Brian Thill wrote an intriguing piece about this bit of nearly subliminal CGI at the Atlantic.

The Jersey Boys recently headed West to beautiful New Mexico, and Chris has posted an initial piece about the trip, with more to come.

Mark Wildman muses about the potential for dinosaurs and the wider field of paleontology to pull children off of the couch at Saurian.

Paleoart Pick

Wrestling Plateosaurus by Commander Salamander on deviantART

Outrageously Off-Topic Indulgence
I love me some chiptune, so here's a great summer release on Pterodactyl Squad, Chiptune Verão by Videogame Orchestra. Available in both 8- and 16-bit!

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