Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Prize

Regular readers may dimly recall that we held some sort of daft art contest here a few months ago, based on the concept of some well-known palaeoar...palaeontography book or other. Hopefully, you were all paying attention when we announced the winners - with first place going to one Andrew Dutt of New York. Naturally, it wasn't enough to simply send a copy of Dinosaur Art - it had to be enhanced with some glorious Himmapaanification first. (Oh, and slightly ruined by me.)

Now, I should definitely point out that these were drawn completely freehand, which in Niroot's case is pretty damn remarkable. Sure, he took it home to finish off, but it was started in a pub near Oxford Circus (see below). If you're having a hard time reading Niroot's writing, which is sufficiently beautiful to drive grown men to weep uncontrollably in public (now that was quite an evening), then allow me to transcribe:
For Andrew
Many congratulations on winning the LITC All Yesterdays contest. Thank you so much for your beautiful entry. Enjoy this fantastic book!
With very best wishes from the Chasmosaurs Team.
(It was inevitable that Marc chose to draw a theropod and I a hadrosaur).

Meanwhile, the smeared mess on the opposite side reads as follows:
Congratulations on your win.
I hope you enjoy the book.
Please excuse the allosaur, as I drew it in the pub.
Andrew received the book only recently, hence this post only arriving now; we wouldn't want to spoil anything. Happily, it only had a few jacket scuffs from where I had kept it stacked in a pile of all the rubbish I buy to review on this blog. Hearty congratulations to him again for producing the winning piece! Oh, and there will be a new Vintage Dino Art post in the next few days, I promise (I've been on leave). Until then, here's Andrew's bone-dropping Dsungaripterus once again.


  1. Out of curiosity, why a pub?

    1. We'd just been out to London Zoo and I fancied a trip to the pub.

  2. I am in love with that Parasaurolophus!


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