Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's make Asher some cookies

What better way to welcome our newest LITC writer, Asher Elbein, to the blog than to make him some nice cookies? Straight from the kitchen of Martha Stewart, after all. They are simple impressions from "food safe" plastic toys, and invite the possibility of illustrating the history of life in delicious, sugary form. Or to get really geeky with it, you could illustrate all sorts of ichnofossils: footprints, burrows, feeding traces... What I'm saying, Martha, is that you could take these fossil cookies to the next level. Isn't that what we've come to expect from you?

Photo by Simon Watson, from

For something a directly inspired by fossils, these trilobite cookies look ridiculously tasty, but again, if your cookery skills are high enough, you could go nuts by making these accurately depict different taxa of trilobites. The less skilled among us might stick to agnostids.

Photo from

Or broaden your scope. You can never go wrong with a big, beautiful geology cake. Just be careful, them geologists be picky.

Photo from MSU Billings.


  1. Martha Stewart reference and no jump at the chance to mention Martharaptor? :P

    1. Wrote and scheduled before that hit the news.

  2. I heard about a meeting of paleontologists where dessert was little cubes of orange Jell-O with little plastic flies inside.


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