Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Happenings!

I've got two brief updates for y'all...

1. If you're local to Bloomington, Indiana, tomorrow I'll be participating in Wonderlab's science of art night. Bring the kids by and they'll take home their very own "fossil" feather, which they'll print themselves using my super-secret patented feather printing technique. It is happening between 5:00 and 8:30pm. I also have a selection of my bird and dinosaur artwork on display at Wonderlab.

2. Speaking of artworks and such, after exploring my options, I have settled on Redbubble as home for my online store. I've been stocking it with sweet stuff this week, including my recent feathered dinosaur illustrations, my less recent cutesy Mesozoic critter pairings, and the first fifteen of my minimalist dinosaur family crests. I was thrilled to get an email today saying that I'd sold a few things: whoever my mystery benefactor is, thank you! Also, sincere thanks to Jaime at The Bite Stuff for sharing a very kind post about my "paleowares."

Want to declare your love of Triassic sauropodomorphs (or one of many other clades) with a handsome tee shirt, available in white or black? You can do that!

Want to send someone a greeting card with my Buitreraptor illustration? You can do that!

3. I've also updated my formal portfolio site, simplifying navigation and adding new work. I still have a bunch of paleo-themed project work from the last two semesters to share, but I need to have them properly photographed.


  1. I want to join in printing with your super-secret patented feather printing technique. :(

    Your palaeo wares are on my wishlist.

  2. I think a t-shirt is in my future.

  3. I was hoping for the ankylosauridae and I am delighted with the result. There'll be a T-shirt order soon, I assure you, but a sticker will have to do for now :)

  4. I'll definitely be buying some Buitreraptor cards later.

  5. Nice stuff, David! I've ordered Deinonychosauria and Hadrosauridae shirts, and am looking forward to rocking them in Toronto for all to see!

  6. Sincerest of gratitude to all of you!


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