Thursday, August 16, 2012

For The World That's Coming!

My name is Asher Elbein. I'm 20 years old, born and raised in the southern United States, and studying Natural History and Creative Writing at the University of Alabama. I'm a compulsive if infrequent artist, a decent acoustic bass player, and prone to leaping on reptiles when the opportunity presents itself.

I've been writing about prehistory in one capacity or another for close to six years now, in blog posts, short stories and various scribblings of intricate imagined lost worlds. I find dinosaurs not only scientifically but culturally interesting, and so I'll likely be writing about not only the latest scientific discoveries but random bits of paleo-cultural ephemera as well. Look out for Kirby Krackle tyrannosaurs, pulp fiction prehistory, and a massive LITC joint project that will blow your very mind.

Hello, Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs. It's a great honor to be writing for all of you!


  1. From a fellow UA student, welcome!

  2. Can't think of a better way to welcome you to LITC than this:

    1. If that wasn't the video you were going to link to I would've so responded with that.

  3. I live in Alabama too. Nice to see someone else in this state who appreciates natural history.


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