Saturday, July 14, 2012

A dinosaur what I gone and drawn

As some readers may already be aware, I am known to draw dinosaurs occasionally. I'm certainly no artist - it's just something I do for a bit of therapeutic fun in my spare time. I've never considered my doodlings to be worthy of being presented to the world on LITC, but I have put them on Facebook for friends to see. After I posted a Giganotosaurus portrait recently some people - mostly named David and Niroot, not to mention Sharon - said that I should put it up here. So, slightly embarassed though I am, here it is.

It's drawn in ink and coloured in pencil, and is based on Scott Hartman's recent skeletal (Greg Paul, in his Field Guide, also restored the skull in a similar way).

So that's that. Back to the real art on Monday, with Sibbick's 1985 thyreophorans (ankylosaurs and stegosaurs)!


  1. More yesses from me. Love it!

  2. I think that's a marvelous rendition of this beast.

  3. My only disappointment is that you shared only one. Your recent Giraffatitan is another especially lovely piece. At this rate, I may persuade David to make a few choice selections and post them instead. *Rubs hands*

  4. I loved the Deinonychus, too!

  5. You done drawn a goody. Thanks for posting it, David!

  6. Marc, it looks fine to me. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Pls feel free to share more after we're all Sibbick'd out.

  7. Oh, I didn't know you had more on Facebook, so I went and did some creeping there...lovely! I agree with Niroot about only sharing one here. Again, the texture and the color have an appealing and unique feel - I'm guessing some kind of pen for the linework/texture and then maybe colored pencil? I can't really tell, but whatever it is, it's working!

    1. Derp, I just realized you already said in the post you used ink and colored pencil. Comment fail...


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