Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This Thursday: learn anatomy from Scott Hartman

Scott Hartman's Skeletal Drawing website and blog are a terrific resource for artists looking for reference material for illustrating dinosaurs. On Thursday June 21, Scott will be presenting a webinar with Ryan Kingslein at the website Visualarium, Advanced Creature Anatomy. It starts at 10am Pacific standard time.

In the paleontology blogosphere, we often read about the Shiny Digital Future in regards to open access journals and the broad dissemination of research via the web. Opportunities like this webinar are part of the phenomenon. While we've seen old-guard paleoartists fretting over the new state of things and what it means for their business - a worry I do not trivialize - this is the great upside. Closer contact with experts, raising the level of the practice of paleoart as a whole. If you're free, and you're looking to raise your game, check it out.

You can also follow Scott on Twitter, @skeletaldrawing.


  1. I got to register without checking the difference of my timezone (mine is GMT+7, so I'm not going to watch it XD

    Anyways, it is from Scott Hartman, it must be good! :D

  2. Already registered for this. But now it turns out there's something else on Thursday at the same time which I'd overlooked. Blast.


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